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Many who are getting older many find that staying in their homes has become harder and harder over the years. It can be difficult for them to decide to leave their homes for a retirement community when all they really want is to stay independent. The NIA (National Institute on Aging) has found that 1 in 3 seniors (citizens over 65) suffer from a fall every year. 80% of those falls happen in bathrooms with no walk-in baths or other safety options. So what can anyone do to balance their elderly loved one’s safety with their desires to stay in their well-earned homes?

A bathroom remodel can be a great place to start!

With some adjustments or a full bathroom renovation can make their bathrooms safer and thus let them stay in their homes independently for longer! Today, we at Yardley Kitchen Bath are going to go over somethings that can be done in their bathrooms that not only will make their lives easier but even more luxurious! We will go over options such as walk-in baths, curb-less showers & aging-in-place solutions.

bathroom remodeling For Seniors

Aging-in-Place Remodeling Solutions

So when planning a remodel of a bathroom for an elderly person there are some things to keep in mind. The design should not only look good but also make their lives easier and safer. Somethings can be easily bought while other things require more extensive efforts to set in place. Adding non-slip mats is a simple way to make walking around safer without changing the floors completely. A bathroom made for a senior needs to be fairly spacious to allow for plenty of walking room. If visibility is a concern then changing the lighting and colors might be the solution. Switch from over-head lighting to a more even lighting to reduce shadows. As eyes age, cooler colors become harder to see so consider using more warm colors instead for better visibility.

Do you need more extensive solutions?

Walk-In Baths

Installing a walk-in tub will not only be a safer way for your loved one to bathe but also add some luxury to their lives. Walk-in baths are built so that getting in and out of a bathtub is as easy as possible. Many Kohler walk-in tubs include:

  • Luxurious whirlpool jets
  • Heated backrest
  • Hand-held shower head
  • Fast draining mechanism
  • Extra-wide door & seating
  • Low step threshold
  • Hand rails
  • Slip resistance flooring
  • Easy-to-use control panel

While the installation and initial cost may seem like a lot, the features and added safety more than make it worth the price. Adding a walk-in tub makes aging in place all the more possible. Meanwhile, the added comfort features enhances the quality of their independent lives.

Walk-In Showers | Curb-Less Showers | Shower Benches

Walk-in showers, or curb-less showers, are designed for those with mobility-issues in mind. They have a low to zero-threshold design so its seamless to walk into. They often are designed with benches so one can shower while seated. Easy to clean, spacious and with safety bars – walk-in showers are a great addition to any bathroom remodel for a senior aging in place.

Yardley Kitchen Bath specializes in custom showers. Which means the perfect shower can be built so your loved one can stay independent. Learn more about custom showers on our site!

Grab Bars & Hand-held Shower Heads

Installing grab bars or safety railings in the shower and by the toilet will further increase the independence of your loved one and safety of the bathroom. A hand-held shower head makes the experience more convenient and efficient. Installing both are great additions to the bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Storage

Clutter and inconvenient storage can become a hassle for your loved one that is aging in place. By adding storage into their bathroom you are also making their life easier and safer. Our team at Yardley Kitchen Bath are ready to help you pick the best bathroom cabinets for your bathroom remodel. Not only will the new, safer bathroom look good but will also function perfectly with their life-style.

Yardley Kitchen Bath

Is ready to help you with your bathroom remodel!

Getting older doesn’t have to mean leaving your home. A bathroom remodel and other adjustments can allow seniors to stay in their homes independently. If your ready to remodel your bathroom for seniors or need other home renovation services be sure to give Yardley Kitchen Bath a call today! Our consultations are always free! Be sure to also follow of on FB for the latest advice and remodeling projects.

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