How To Plan A
Small Kitchen Remodel

The Guide to Remodeling a Small Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When the holidays come around we dream of big. busy kitchens full of joy. Having a small kitchen don’t mean you can’t also have the holiday dreams. Regardless if your home doesn’t have the room for a large kitchen, don’t need such a large room, or if you truly prefer a cozier size – a small kitchen remodel can be just what you need! At Yardley Kitchen Bath we can help you make the most of your small kitchen with our remodeling ideas!

Pros of having a Small Kitchen

Contrary to what many believe, there are benefits to having a smaller kitchen.

1. A small kitchen means you have more space for other rooms. While it is trendy to have larger-than-life kitchens, in reality it takes away floor space from other areas of the home such as the dining room. If you really need more room, no problem! A remodel can give you the extra space you need. Although, before starting a remodel consider what you need. If you don’t need a huge kitchen then there is nothing wrong with staying with a cozy and economical size.

2. The bigger the kitchen, the bigger the bills! Opting for a large kitchen and large appliances also means you’ll need a larger budget to accommodate it all. Small kitchens require less material to remodel and thus, doesn’t need as big of a budget. Saving money also means you can splurge on something else your heart desires! Choosing more modestly sized appliances also means a lighter energy bill in general – which is always a win.

3. Small kitchens tend to be very functional and ergonomically efficient. They tend to use the “kitchen triangle” rule perfectly which means using the kitchen will be easier and more efficient.  Larger kitchens tend to have a hard time keeping the functionality high due to it’s size.

Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

There are many ways of making your kitchen trick the eye into appearing bigger. Even what seems like minor details such as colors or the backsplash can make a huge impact on how big a kitchen seems to be. Click on the panels below to learn some tips and tricks that you can use for your small kitchen remodel!

Color Changes Everything

Fun fact! The colors you choose can make your kitchen appear more cramped or more spacious. Light colors, such as white or pastels, add a sense of space. That is because they reflect light and thus trick the eye into perceiving more room. Be sure to have fun by adding splashes of bold colors!

Concider Glass

Another way to fake space is to use glass elements in your small kitchen remodel. Glass is transparent and reflects light, both of which help create the illusion of space. Plus, glass cabinets can show off your best dishware or cookware!

Let There Be Light!

Light helps in function and creating a spacious feel. If you have the wall space for it consider adding a window. Otherwise perhaps adding light under the base of the cabinetry to illuminate the countertops or flooring. We suggest yellow light because warm colors make food more appetizing!

Floor Illusions

When considering your flooring - larger tiles rather than smaller tiles help fake spaciousness. This is because big tiles have less grout lines and thus makes the floor seem larger. This mentality can work with non-tiled floors as well.

Don't Forget the Backsplash!

Backsplashes are the place to have some fun! Add style, a splash of color or simply liven the kitchen up with the perfect backsplash. Better yet, since the kitchen is small you can splurge on a lavish material choice since you won't need a lot of it to have desired look.

Function First

When doing any remodel you need to keep the room's function in mind. Kitchens need to be able to handle food prep, cooking and important storage. Your remodel should never compromise your ability to use the kitchen. With limited space you'll want to focus on the essentials first.

Shrink & Utilize

Since there is limited space you'll want to pick economically sized appliances, get what you truly need and waste no space! Get creative and add storage in unused sections. Embrace the minimalist style with slim-line appliances. Being clever with your choices can give you more room to work with in your remodel.

Ready to Start Your Small Kitchen Remodel?

In conclusion, there is so much that can be done with a small kitchen! We hope our tips and tricks helped inspire you to make the most of your small kitchen remodel! If your ready to get the process started or if your in need of a consultation be sure to give us a call today! Learn more about our services by clicking one of the buttons below.

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